TGH Litigation

Housing Discrimination

Discrimination in Housing

Landlords, Rental Managers, Property Owners, Real Estate Agents, Bankers, Developers, and Builders must comply with Fair Housing Laws.

Who must comply?

Individuals can’t be discriminated against because of their race, color, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, disability, familial status, or on the basis of associating with someone with one of these protected characteristics. Furthermore, individuals are protected from retaliation for complaining of housing discrimination.

what are my rights?

Reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities:

  • Landlords generally can be required to allow their property to be made accessible. Properties built after a certain year are required to be accessible for an individual with disabilities.
  • Service and support animals
    • Are not limited to a dog

    • Animal may not require any training

    • Cannot charge an additional deposit for the animal

    • Animal can accompany the tenant in all common areas of the complex

  • Cannot require tenant to obtain additional insurance

  • For a service or support animal, landlord or other official may require

    • Reliable documentation from someone with the authority to know:

      • Confirming tenant has a disability

      • Explaining the need for the animal

  • If the disability is apparent, they may not need to request as much information.

Refusals to make accommodations in housing must be made on an individualized basis. Broad, non-specific rules like no animals of a particular breed, for example, are likely illegal.

Reasonable accommodations